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 When you lose your job there are actually three options.

Number one, you can go back and find another job.
Maybe you can polish your resume, update your resume,
You send it to these sites and talk to people
And start again and you try to find another job.
Sometimes, I have seen people. They lay
Not because of performance, it's because sometimes,

Or the industry is moving downwards,
So there is a lot of degradation.
Recently I was reading an article,
Can be seen closing Hong Kong Bank

Thousands of people.

And Hong Kong Bank got the money.
But because of whatever structure they have,
Or they want to cut overhead,
They kept a lot of people.
Can't be your own fault, right?
If you know what I am talking about, comment below.
So, you can look for another job,
This is always a possibility.
And in some cases, maybe you can find a similar job
He pays you

Or maybe, unfortunately, you may need to take a job
That really pays you less
Or, in some cases, the skills you have
It is no longer relevant, so you may not even get a job.
It will take you months to do it.
This is a scenario.
Number two, you can start your own business.
Some people, a lot of people, they think,

"Well, you know what I've got,
I am going to start my own business. "

I always say the worst time to start a business
When you have no money
Because you can't help but decide
It might not be the best for you
And long term for the company, because you are desperate.
You cannot make wise decisions when you are desperate.
Michael Gerber talks about it in his book E Myth.
Now, what is e-myth?

E myth is entrepreneurial myth
And Michael talks about that most entrepreneurs
Not really entrepreneurs.

He is an entrepreneurial seizure-stricken employee.


The employees you are thinking about
"Hey, you know what this thing is
That i could do better
Or I can create a product, I can make a widget,
And I could go there and start my own business. "
But most of the time, almost all the time,
They do not have business skills.

Read new
Or business acumen for doing business work.
Therefore, this is not a very good reason to start a business.
Just as not everyone is supposed to play golf,
Not everyone is considered a basketball player.
You can play as a hobby,
But you can play business as a hobby.
But to be a professional,

Business person, to be a successful entrepreneur.
That is a completely different story.
But there is an option, if you want to do this,
But knowing that it's going to be
Very, very, very difficult.
It is going to take years.

Businesses do not make money in months.
It takes years for businessmen to make money.

So you have to ask yourself, are you ready for that?


Are You Ready for This?
Are you in a financially viable position to do so?
Or number three, you can develop a high income skill.

Now, what is a high income skill?
I define a high income skill
As a skill that can make you $ 10,000 or more per month.
This is not a job.
This is a skill.
This is something you know, an expertise,
A skill that you have.
You can go to the market


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